Why Recessed Lighting?

Posted from:|LightUp.com LED

Recessed Lighting (also known as can lights, pot lights, down lights or high hats) has a wide range of uses from task lighting, decorative lighting, and shower lighting. Recessed Lighting fixtures are designed to install into the ceiling and sit flush with the ceiling saving space rather than protruding into the space like a chandelier or flush mount light fixture. The recessed installation into the ceiling or wall helps these lights visually expand a room especially in rooms with low ceilings. The clean lines and low visual impact of these fixtures pair perfectly with sleek, modern styles and go well in any room of the home or business. Recessed Lighting fixtures are commonly paired with decorative lighting fixtures to provide more useable general lighting than many decorative lighting fixtures can provide. The decorative lighting fixtures can often provide great ambient lighting to set a mood, however the addition of recessed lighting fixtures on a separate switch will provide even, general lighting for when you need bright useable light.

Recessed Lighting fixtures can provide even flood lighting to generally illuminate an area or come with narrow beam angles to help spotlight a work of art or visual accent within a room. They are great for flooding a room with light in order to highlight unique architectural features within. With the right water ingress ratings, recessed lighting fixtures can be used even outdoors or above a shower.

Recessed Light fixtures are extremely versatile and can be installed in many places where many other light fixtures can’t be installed.  There are recessed lighting fixtures that can be installed in sloped or vaulted ceilings and some can even be installed into walls. They are lightweight and require less structural support than other fixtures as well.