Lighting, Almost Perfect Like the Sun

Plain Sunlike Tunable White Achieves UGR<19 and CRI>97 

It is proved that quality lighting has beneficial effects on :

circadian biorhythm

visual comfort

daytime alertness


sleeping quality, and more.

When speaking about quality of light, we have to observe the following key factors to achieve well-being and a comfortable indoor environment: glare prevention, colour rendering, lighting uniformity, illumination level and a harmonious distribution of brightness.

If we take a closer look to colour rendering, an accurate colour and texture reproduction of objects is crucial in indoor applications, where colours need to be shown as close as under the sunlight. This may be vital, especially for printing houses, fashion stores, galleries, dental clinics, graphic design studios, fine jewellery stores, etc. Last but not least, you want the furniture and decor of an interior to look as accurate as possible.

The colour rendering index (CRI) indicates how closely the colour of an object matches its appearance under the relevant light source (CRI100). The lower the CRI index, the poorer is the rendering of the surface colours of the illuminated objects. For living spaces, at least CRI80 is required. Depending on your needs, we can offer you luminaires with CRI>80, CRI>90 and CRI>95.