3 Ideas to Install LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinets

I. Under the Cabinets

If your kitchen has a row of wall cabinets, stick the LED lights along their bottom, or along the kitchen console table. Then adjust the color to whatever you like depending on kitchen decoration style and your preferences, and make the kitchen exude a different aura.

II. Above the Cabinets

If your cabinets are connected with the ceiling, install an LED strip at the joint. Through the adjustment of the color of the lights, you’ll find the kitchen atmosphere radically different. If it’s permissible, try matching it with lighting effects in the living room to harmonize the whole interior.

III. Floor Cabinet Lights

Besides the wall cabinets, you can also install LED lights at floor cabinets, echoing the lights at the wall compartments. After installing all the strips, set your favorite color, or set different lighting effects at different locations. You’ll get a brand new, cozy kitchen. Whether warm, bright, or romantic, you can change it however you like, which is very convenient.