What to Look For When Shopping for LED Lights

If you decide to switch to LED lights, a few tips can help you find the right design for your needs. The color temperature of lights is one of the top things to consider. Warmer lights provide softer, more comfortable illumination, while cooler temperatures are brighter. The two most popular colors for LEDs are soft white (also called warm white) and bright white (also called daylight). You may prefer soft white LED bulbs for bedrooms and living rooms. Bright white LED bulbs work well in kitchens and bathrooms, where they can provide beneficial task lighting. 

Of course, your budget is an important factor to consider. Although they’ve gotten more affordable over time, LED bulbs can still be pricier than incandescent light bulbs. However, they’re more cost effective in the long run due to the resulting savings on your utility bills. 

It’s also important to consider the quality of the LED light and the shape of the bulb. LED bulbs come in different shapes and sizes that need to properly match the light fixtures you have. Also, keep in mind that not all LED lights are dimmable. Unless you’ve recently upgraded, most of the existing dimmers in homes today were designed to work with incandescent bulbs. You may have to pay more for an LED bulb that can operate with a dimmer. Once you’ve settled on these decisions, it’s time to start shopping — and saving energy!